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Mad Pizza is a gourmet pizzeria which specializes in whole pies, pizza by the slice, wings, pastas, and salads. Homemade ingredients, a family like atmosphere, and excellent customer service has allowed us to put smiles on our guests since 1995.

Fast Downtown Pizza Delivery by Mad Pizza

Pizza is a fast food that is enjoyed by all of us and is one of the most popular dishes around the world. It is a popular Italian dish that is made up of flatbread and decorated with tomato sauce and cheese, anchovies etc.


It comes in a variety. There is pepperoni pizza, vegetable pizza, chicken pizza, cheese pizza, grilled pizza among other varieties. The toppings that are used are multiple in numbers. Some of the toppings used on pizza are peppers, garlic, olives, carrots, bacon, mushroom, mozzarella, anchovies, artichoke and many others.

Varieties of Pizza:

Many restaurants have come up with their own varieties of pizza. Some countries even offer their own pizza collections. Some varieties of pizza are: Sicilian pizza, Chicago pizza, New York style pizza, tomato pie pizza (or New Jersey style pizza), Hawaiian pizza, bbq chicken pizza and the original Neapolitan pizza

Types of Pizza Crusts:

Customers also have a lot of options regarding the crust of the pizza. Some of the varieties of crust available are, thin crust, thick crust, flatbread crust, and focaccia. Focaccia is a type of crust in which instead of sauce the crust is coated with olive oil and various kinds of toppings.

Mad Pizza:

Mad pizza is one of the top pizza restaurants. Located in Seattle, this is one of the top restaurants for pizza. This restaurant offers a variety of choices in pizzas. The quality and taste is far superior to other restaurants and costs of pizza are pocket friendly and also affordable.

The restaurant offers a homely environment. The location is also very friendly and neighborly. It is a perfect restaurant for all types of crowds. It is family friendly; the staff is very helpful and coordinating. The service is fast and user friendly, allowing for the perfect luncheon or dinner time.

Fast Delivery:

Today food orders are mostly placed online. Online ordering of food is considered to be safe and fast. Also customers can enjoy their food at home without any hassle and have a great time with friends and family. But how fast the delivery is done depends upon the restaurant services.

How good a restaurant is can be judged by its delivery speed. Many restaurants boast of high speed delivery like within half an hour or forty five minutes. But while placing order the customer is informed that the delivery might take more than an hour, which is very disappointing and unsatisfactory.

However, this is not an obstacle when pizza is delivered from Mad Pizza. The restaurant has guaranteed fast downtown delivery. Customers need not worry about their food getting late. Mad pizza offers fast delivery and also delivers on their promise leaving customers satisfied and hungry for more pizza.

Ours is a digitized society. Everything is in our fingertips. With a click of a button, so many things are possible. So getting food delivered at your doorstep within minutes is a child’s play. So when ordering pizza from Mad Pizza, be assured of lightning delivery of quality food.

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