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How to Make Pizzas without Bubbles

Are you having bubbles while making pizzas and that is damaging the show? Yes, they may be big and making the topping to fall off or may be small getting burnt. Whatever may be the consequences it is not desirable. There is nothing to worry as you can try these ways to avoid such bubbles.

Why Pizza Dough Have Bubbles

It would be wise to know why pizza dough has bubbles. The main cause for such bubbles is the moisture that gets entrapped in the dough. The trapped moisture expands when baking starts and forms the bubbles.

Ways To Avoid Bubbles In Pizzas

There may be various reasons for having such bubbles in your pizzas. The ways out are based on the cause which causes the bubbles.

Under-proofed Dough: You can have bubbles if the dough which you are using for making pizzas is not fermented properly. In such cases, you will get small bubbles which will pop-up and get burnt making your pizza not taste and look the way you want it to be. The way out is to properly ferment the dough before you start using that dough for making pizzas.

Use of dough docker: Using the dough docker you can be certain that the pizza that you make have no bubbles. The air bubbles are removed and then you can place the toppings that you intend to have. If you use such docker then you also do not need to think much about the fermentation time. The dough will be rightly prepared for making the pizza.

Watch for bubbles: If even after taking so much of care if you see that there are bubbles then you can follow this step. When you see a bubble when you are making a pizza, take that out and burst the bubble with a knife and then again put it for cooking.

Have patience: Yes, you read it right. You must have patience while making pizzas. It must not be such that you take out the dough from the fridge and directly prepare the pizzas. This sudden change in temperature creates more bubbles which can be avoided if you wait for some time and let the dough come to normal temperature and then start making pizzas.

Allow the second rise: You must allow the pizza dough to rise twice. This will allow having a finer gluten structure and preventing having huge air gaps which forms into bubbles. So, after the dough has risen ones you again need to knead the dough again thoroughly so that any air gaps which may be there are destroyed. After that leave the dough to rise again and it is expected that you will not have any bubbles.

Give proper time for fermentation: You must allow proper time to pass so that dough rises properly. It is generally seen that leaving the dough for 2 to 4 hours will make it rise properly in normal room temperature.

Follow these steps and it is for sure that the dough will not have air bubbles when you are making a pizza.

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