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Mad Pizza is a gourmet pizzeria which specializes in whole pies, pizza by the slice, wings, pastas, and salads. Homemade ingredients, a family like atmosphere, and excellent customer service has allowed us to put smiles on our guests since 1995.

Flat Bread and Cheese –How They Got Together


How things came around

Pizza is an oven baked, yeasted flatbread often with tomato sauce and cheese toppings which is a traditional Italian dish. Pizza purist considers only two types of pizzas as the true ones – the Marinara and the Margharita. The marinara got its name as it was traditionally a dish prepared by “the seaman’s wife” or ‘la marinara’. It is usually topped with tomato, oregano, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. The margharita was baked in honor of King Umberto I and his wife Queen Margharita’s visit and is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.

An authentic Neapolitan pizza has a set of rules to be followed  which includes that it needs to be baked in a wood fired, domed oven, hand kneaded dough and that it should not be rolled using a rolling pin. Naple pizzas are well known for its soft and flexible base. In Rome, it is preferred to have a thin and crispy base. A very popular Italian pizza is baked in triangular trays with a vast variety of toppings and is called ‘pizza al taglio’.


Pizza joints where the signature thin-crust pizzas, pastas and desserts are served along with beer and wine are very popular across the globe. Now pizzerias offer wide varieties of toppings and crusts to choose from. There are also salads and side dressings available along with the drinks of choice including cocktails. Pizza delivery Capitol Hill delivery boys are assigned per locality and the order gets delivered as requested on time.


Capitol Hill has quite a few pizza joints well known for its delicious and variety pizzas and the timely delivery of order once placed. Pizza Capitol Hill has pizzeria’s offering options to have sliced pizzas as well instead of ordering whole pizzas. All the pizzas are well known for the fresh ingredients used it’s thin and crispy crusts and made to order salads.

Pizza delivery downtown local pizzerias have options to place online orders as well as old school method of on call orders. Pizza order deliveries are also undertaken for groups starting from small sports groups to corporate meetings with hundreds of people.

Choosing a Pizzeria

Before placing an order, a few things need to be considered. First and foremost should be the level of hygiene kept by the pizzeria. It can easily be gathered from fellow pizza delivery Capitol Hill users.

What keeps a good pizza apart from a bad one is the taste it holds, and it depends hugely on the type of ingredients used. For a better tasting pizza, the fresh ingredients used plays a major part where as frozen ingredients might not be as tasty as the fresh ones. Pizza Capitol Hill friends or family groups can help identifying pizzerias serving only fresh ingredients.

It always helps to cross check and verify the reviews garnered by a certain pizza joint before placing an order. The user reviews will give an idea on whether the particular joint’s pizza is cooked to perfection or to the liking of the one placing the order. Pizza delivery downtown service, delivery and food review can be checked before going for a final order.

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